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Why Us?

Because we love what we do, and care about creating beautiful, natural photographs that you, your children and the school can be proud of.


Our Philosophy 

We believe in the importance of creating beautiful and authentic images which reflect each child’s personality and natural smile. Natural light is best as it complements your schools’ environment, in which the children learn, play, eat, socialise and are connected to their every day experience! 

It is important to us that students are relaxed and happy when being photographed. We create a gentle and playful rapport with each student in order to create their best image. 

Photo Ready 

Our photographs are taken with great care and attention to detail.

YES we do check and clean faces, tidy hair, straighten collars and ties and generally help (especially the little ones) with final touch-ups.

We are well-equipped with disposable combs, hair ties, wet wipes, shoe polish plus an extra pair of hands to ensure that each child looks their best and, of course, themselves! 

Dorsey 2.jpg

We guarantee a professional and organised service to ensure we create the most beautiful and natural school photographs. 

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